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Learning Analytics Suite Features


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Student Dashboards

View an individual Learner Profile for an overall summary of their academic progress, or dive into more detail on individual student performance, behaviour, attendance and more. 

Group See a holistic view of each student, from demographic information to attendance records and academic results.
academic results Compare results across subjects to identify individual student strengths or performance outliers.
search View and add alerts or notes so that each of a student’s teachers are on the same page.

Data Analysis


Academic trends


Class Summary

Teachers can access an overview of all students in each of their classes, displaying academic data alongside student goal pathways and wellbeing information. 

study Highlight focus students to identify who may need more support in class.
graph Summarise the performance of each student, and compare against previous periods.
student See who’s improving or falling behind at a glance.

 School Data Analysis (Cohort Analytics)

Education leaders can make more informed decisions using reports on year level, subject, or department data, and drill down into any specific trends or areas of concern.

search Monitor curriculum changes or new school initiatives.
dashboard ui Visualise a wide range of data as a summary, rather than relying on individual pieces of the puzzle.
internet access 2 Give staff access to the data that’s relevant for them – whether that’s a Department Head, House Leader or Principal.

Cohort analysis





Trend Analysis & Notifications

Identify students who need extra support and automatically notify relevant staff using configurable rules across academic, attendance and welfare-related data. Trend analysis ensures you can see who’s improved, coasting or trending down at a glance.

student graduation

Automatic insights ensure no students get missed in a busy classroom.

books Teachers spend less time analysing spreadsheets & more time with students.
alert Regular alerts and notifications make data-informed insights a part of your school culture.


External Results

Store, analyse and publish academic data from external providers such as NAPLAN and ACER in the Learning Analytics Suite. The flexible template system allows this external data to be uploaded and managed alongside the data already pulled from within your school’s Student Management System.

ticks Triangulate internal and external assessment data for aggregated analytics.
academic results Track external result performance over time.
NCCD Compare internal and external results to identify where students aren’t meeting their potential.


External Results





Attendance & Behaviour

Monitor attendance and behaviour for entire cohorts, to identify any trends or changes over time. Teachers can view individual student absences and any pastoral care incidents alongside academic results, to identify potential links between the two.

tick Track cohort behaviour over time, or compare against previous periods.
alert Identify students with a set number of absences, absence type, or reason.
time Monitor engagement history per subject, or compare overall student and cohort engagement levels.


Student Wellbeing Surveys

Prompt students to reflect on their wellbeing via short ‘pulse’ surveys that can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Results are collected and visible as individual student or class summary data, or can be investigated on a cohort or whole-school level via the dedicated Wellbeing Dashboard.   Learn more →

graph Visualise wellbeing data and track how students are feeling over time.
online training 2 Regular, automated 'pulse' surveys make it easy to identify sudden changes or catch downward trends early.
ticks Get a more holistic view of each student, beyond just academics.





Student Goal Setting

Provide a customised goal setting structure for students to follow as they create and track individual goals, separate to or alongside their academic results. The Academic Mentoring module can be used to set goals, engage students, and improve student and school academic performance.   Learn more →

calendar 2 Easily view and reflect on past performance.
video call connection Work with a mentor to set effective goals.
parents Ensure students, parents, and staff are all on the same page for student goal setting.



Extra-Curriculars & Soft Skills

Student achievement is more than just academic results. Keep track of growth in and out of the classroom by tracking participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, to produce a more holistic view of a student’s time at school. 

Soft skills Record, track and evaluate skills not captured in standard reporting.
document sign Categorise different activities and award points in relevant skills, such as teamwork or leadership.
Group View an individual student’s soft skill profile, and directly compare it against the cohort average.



Awards 3


Student Awards

Digitise your awards process, replicating your school's existing award rules and parameters. The Learning Analytics Suite processes information directly from your school’s systems, providing results at the click of a button and saving hours on manual data entry and interpretation.   Learn more →

tick Ensure that findings are accurate and comprehensive, with notifications for missing data.
awards Eliminate manual handling mistakes and ensure all students are recognised for their efforts.
certificate Keep results consistent as key staff members change, with set custom parameters and automatic analysis.