"Learning Analytics makes data an integral part of planning, designing, and assessing learning experiences."

Learning Analytics - Teacher working with students

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics is the process of using school data, statistical analysis, and modelling to gain insights into student and school performance.


Learning Analytics makes accessing, analysing and publishing academic data simpler and more efficient and extends the data analysis capabilities of staff.


Learning Analytics solutions provide school leaders and teachers with the ability to use existing academic data to gain insights into student and school performance. They reduce the time required to collect and analyse student and subject data and give users rapid access to critical information which can help to inform teaching practice and school management.

A Whole School Approach to Learning Analytics 


Using data to gain insights into student and school performance (Learning Analytics) has enormous capability to improve learning outcomes. This blog explores trends in Learning Analytics from around the world and provides practical advice for teachers and school leaders.

Learning Analytics - Teacher working on analytics report
Learning Analytics - Student reviewing results
The Learning Analytics Suite


The TrackOne Studio Learning Analytics Suite is a comprehensive data analysis solution which draws data directly from your Student Information Systems. It aggregates, analyses and displays data in real-time allowing school leaders and teachers to have access to student and school data when and where they need it.


The TrackOne Studio interface allows clear and powerful analysis of student, cohort and school performance data which can assist with decision making at all levels, inform pedagogical change, and highlight students for learning support and enrichment.