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Data Insights for Data-Informed Schools

Harness the power of your data with user-friendly analytics that support proactive, data-informed decision-making. 

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Unlock your data

Free the data already captured by your school's various systems, and convert it into actionable insights for staff, students, and parents.


All the answers in one place 

Get all the answers in one place, with easy to access data insights and one location for results, analytics, and reports.


10 years in the industry 

Lift the burden of data analysis from teachers' shoulders, with a system built specifically for schools, by experts who understand modern teacher workloads.

For Teachers

Reduce Guesswork & Enhance Teacher Observations

Remove barriers to bringing data into the classroom, with automatic analysis of academic performance, external assessments, and student behaviour. With continuous assessment tools to track student growth, the Learning Analytics Suite can help teachers identify students in need of support and help to differentiate individual student learning.





For Students

Central Hub for Academic Results, Wellbeing Surveys & Goal Setting Tools

Encourage students to become self-regulated learners, with structured educational data and personalised dashboards. The Learning Analytics Suite helps students collaborate with mentors to set goals and track their own performance trends, utilising analytics that provide a deeper understanding of their educational needs.

For Leaders

Individual Subject, Year Level & Entire School Dashboards

Access summary-level data that gives insight into school-wide trends and performance, helping to inform decision-making at all levels. Analysis is available on individual subjects, departments, year levels and more, allowing schools to easily monitor things like student wellbeing, curriculum changes or new initiatives in real-time.





For Parents

Help Parents Engage with their Student’s Learning

Keep your parent community informed on, and engaged with, their student's learning. The Learning Analytics Suite offers a dedicated portal for parents to access relevant student data, ensuring parents and teachers stay on the same page without having to wait for parent-teacher interviews.